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A Cure

Because of your wrath there is no health in my body; there is no soundness in my bones because of my sin. Psalm 38:3  

Sin produced sickness is the body of David as he carried the disease of sin for so long, it began to wear on his health. He was not specific about where or how it affected his body, but it wore on him. Sin has a way of making its way into the depths of our bones as it grows deep within.  

Not all pain is a result of sin living in us but we may consider it as a possible source. When we have a physical fall, our body shows the result of the damage. When we have a spiritual fall, it not only affects our physical surroundings, but it goes deep within our physical body and left unattended, it could grow even deeper within our soul.  

Sin, left alone and unattended, can grow into a persistent tumor and like David, it can begin to take a toll on our health. What if we left anger growing in our mind and heart? What would happen if we left un-forgiveness growing in our heart? What would happen if we tried to control our lives? These sins, left unattended, can grow all through our physical bodies, at least they did for David. 

Today in the Workplace  

Do you have sin growing in your heart? 

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