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You are God, my stronghold. Why have you rejected me? Why must I go about mourning, oppressed by the enemy? Psalm 43:2

Even though David knew God was his stronghold, he had feelings of rejection, and he is now allowing the situation to overcome him. David is in a state of mourning over the way others are rejecting him. David lived knowing Solomon rejected him as well as Saul, the King. The mind and heart of David were struggling to find relief from his current state. It also seemed God was even rejecting him.

It may seem the forces of evil are winning, and God is no longer in control, but the Scriptures teach otherwise. Even when it seems God has abandoned you, and you feel alone, Scripture shows otherwise. God hasn’t left the throne, but often in this state, God is teaching us. We can seek God even though our feelings and surroundings may be screaming a different message. When rejection is active, could it be we have to deny ourselves to find God is close?

Trying to find self-fulfillment in a situation where we are being rejected, is like trying to find peace in war. Our inner self longs to be accepted and approved by all those around us, but in reality, this is not going to happen. The ego needs to let go of the approval of others and hold tightly to the consent God has already given. Its usually in those miserable situations where we find God’s approval is what we need to carry us through.

Today in the Workplace

God calls you His child, is that enough?

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