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Being Rescued

The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord; he is their stronghold in time of trouble. Psalm 37:39

God is our refuge in all times of life and He is our source of strength in times of trouble. While trouble may overthrow the wicked, it brings the believer into the arms of God. The righteous find all they need in the arms of God.

We look to the Lord for more than the final rescue, He is our source of daily living and this is where we are finding all we need. It is more than the eternal rescue we have received; He is our daily intervention. He delivers us from the daily calamities along the way and what a great hope we have when He becomes the strength we hold too.

There are many sources which we can run to for our strength. However, running to the Lord will deliver us from them overcoming us. God is more than the image we may have confined Him to in our mind and heart. He is the Lord over all and He is over all which may try to overcome us. He is the One who rescues us in our daily living.

Today in the Workplace

How would you describe your daily strength?

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