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Breaktime: Authentic


Then I will ever sing in praise of your name and fulfill my vows day after day. Psalm 61:8

Knowing God causes David to fall in love with Him and praise His name in his daily life. David didn’t just know about God and the stories of God, but God is writing David’s story. He allowed God access to His life, and He desperately sought after Him. He made promises to live with God and daily lived in obedience to his words with God.

I love it that David’s relationship stands out as authentic and genuine. His life with God was more than lip service or a grand orator, but the daily interaction led David to praise and sing of His name. He didn’t just open his mouth so people would be impressed with knowledge about God but his heart that beat with God’s. 

God invites each of us into the daily relationship moment by moment awareness. He wants more than our lip service of pretty words and head knowledge that can impress a room. God desires our heart, united with His in the understanding of God’s faithful presence. When we live knowing God, our life is not falling into the nature of this world but with the assurance that we are citizens of heaven.

Today in the Workplace What is your life saying?

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