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Breaktime: Desperate


 Listen to my prayer, O God, do not ignore my plea; Psalm 55:1 

I just love David’s vulnerability before God. He knew his heart needed help, and he realized his support was found only in God. You can almost hear the desperate tone of David pleading with God to listen− don’t ignore me. David’s plea reminds me of when I was a child and wanted something so desperately I would say to my parents −are you listening to me. 

We all desire for God to listen to us as we plead. David’s humility brought him to a place of desperation; his only hope was God. He had many enemies after him, and he knew God was the only way out. Have you ever been this desperate to cry out to God with such intensity in your life? We all need God to pay attention, but are we calling out with all our might.

Desperate times come to all of us, but where we turn will reveal what or who holds our faith. Sometimes we have to go through these times to realize God as our source of hope and strength. It isn’t weak to be in a desperate state, but cowardly when we don’t turn to God.  Pride keeps us holding on but hiding from what we really need. Pride prevents us from denying our needs.

Today in the Workplace

Where do you turn when life becomes desperate?

Breaktime Bible Study: Desperate

  1. Read Today’s Breaktime
  • Review Scripture

 Listen to my prayer, O God, do not ignore my plea;  Psalm 55:1 

  • Answer Questions

What is David asking God to do?  What is the tone of this passage?

Have you ever been desperate for God to move in your life?

Do you have a situation that you need help with?

Who do you turn to when life becomes desperate?

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