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Breaktime: Do you need a drink?

Do You Need a Drink?

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells. Psalms 46:4

The presence of God flows His grace to His people, and that stream of grace never runs dry. The flow of God’s continual grace never stops so it is where we should go for nourishment and our thirst quenched.  We cannot live without water; likewise, the presence of God quenches our spiritual thirst.

We thirst for life to fill us and bring contentment, especially during the hardships. We all have places of fear and anxiousness in our life which can cause great thirst. When our eyes turn towards our fear, we can become controlled by its influence.

Friends, this passage is influencing us to go to this place in life regardless of the situation. When we do, we find the continuous unity of the presence of God to provide us with His gladness. It is challenging to be living in agreement with God and filled with fear. The streams of God’s grace is what fulfills our life with delight. Let us run to the river of gladness and jump in with both feet and leave our troubles on the shore.

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Do you Need a drink?

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