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Breaktime: No Denying the Truth

 For I know my transgressions, and my sin is always before me. Psalm 51:3

David could have denied his sin; he could have lied about his wrong.  He could have blamed Bathsheba for enticing him on the rooftop. He could have blamed his upbringing. But instead, he owned his sin and didn’t try to justify what he had done. As the King, he could have easily defended his actions. He did have the power to do what he thought was acceptable. He could have blamed his manly appetites and blamed God for his desires.

However, a heart before God accepts God’s authority over their life. He takes what God has said as truth no matter what the Word of God calls right or wrong. Acknowledgment of sin is a matter of the heart before God. We can quickly compare our hearts to the world and feel much better about our condition. We also can easily justify our actions when we take a look around at the influence we have. We can blame others, for we all know what we can do, but the question is what we should do? 

What brings us freedom is acknowledging the truth and taking responsibility for our sins. Owning our wrongs and confessing them before a Holy God is where we find the freedom to let go. Denying them will only keep our conscience seared, and our heart tainted. Ignoring them will only give the flesh permission to accept the open the door to sin. Friends, its time for us to acknowledge before God the wrong we have done −to own it before God as wrong. Admitting the wrongdoing will keep the interior life a clean place.

Today in the Workplace

Is there anything you need to confess?

Breaktime Bible Study: No Denying the Truth

     1.Read Today’s Breaktime

     2.Review Scripture

For I know my transgressions, and my sin is always before me. Psalm 51:3

    3. Answer the Questions

What did David know?  How did he know?

What do you know about your sin?

Is there any sin that is always before you?

How do you recognize sin as sin?

What does God ask you to do with your sin? What is God’s approach?

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