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Breaktime: Shame as a Reward

Shame as a Reward

May those who say to me, “Aha! Aha!” be appalled at their own shame. Psalm 40:15

 When the holiness of God is being mocked, may the taunter be appalled by their own shame. David knew the mocking of his offenders and experienced their persecution. People who persecute often justify their actions with their own sin and don’t even realize it.

Mockers are often filled with envy, jealousy, disappointment, despair, malice, and evil. They look at the prey and out of their evil alive in them respond. Jesus knew all about the heart of the mocker and yet remained silent when they threw their offenses his way. Jesus could see the heart and see the unbelief and fear which captivates his offenders. 

Followers of Christ can expect the same treatment from those who walk through life with evil in their heart. Despair often follows those who try to persecute Christ followers, and the punishment which shadows is shame. Jesus learned how to remain silent when persecuted. Could it be God is calling us to be still and allow him to soften the offender’s heart? 

Today in the Workplace

How do you respond to the mocking of others?

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