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Breaktime: Unfairness


 See how they lie in wait for me!  Fierce men conspire against me for no offense or sin of mine, Lord. Psalm 59:3

There is no fairness in the attackers of David. They wait on him with fierceness and pay no attention to his innocence. He hasn’t antagonized his enemies, and yet they still charge him with contempt. David is innocent, and, unfortunately, he is prey for the wicked.  

We all may have an unfair life situation. It doesn’t take long to be awakened to the fact life isn’t fair. Even in our workplace, we may be treated unjustly and be experiencing a feeling of hopelessness. Often unfair environments breed despair, but our reaction is right where God desires to help. We can gain insights into His holiness when we suffer.

29 For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him,   Philippians 1:29

Paul reminds us that when we believe in Christ, we will also suffer with him.

It isn’t trendy teaching to remind us we will suffer. But also remember when we suffer for Christ, it’s because of unjust behavior towards us.  Our role is to remain in Christ and keep seeking Him in all life unfairness. It is there we find an abundance of joy. We see more of the understanding of who Christ is in our suffering.

Today in the Workplace

What unfair situation are you suffering? Pray, God will give you His joy through it all. 

Breaktime Bible Study: Do we need a Savior ?  

  1. Read Today’s Breaktime
  • Review Scripture

 See how they lie in wait for me!  Fierce men conspire against me
    for no offense or sin of mine, Lord. Psalm 59

    3.Answer These Questions:

What are David’s enemies doing?  What is David’s reaction?

Do you have an unfair life situation?

What is your response? 

How can God help you?  What do you need Him to do?

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