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Breaktime: Will you Hold On?

Will you Hold On?

The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.  Psalm 46:7

Life can be draining, especially during seasons of hardship. We all may have become stressed out at least once in our life. You know, the kind of feeling that overcomes us when life seems too strenuous and all your strength is gone. Often, life has such tough times and the only way most of us can cope with it is to stress and worry.

There is an answer for life to become better or more satisfying. The solution lies in the place we find the strength to make it through the day. Every day living in the power of God will sustain us beyond having a regular stressful life. Imagine a life where the problems of life no longer get to control our emotions or mind.

We don’t have to run away from our problems but face them head-on with God as our stronghold. Life can become complicated but when faced with complications, we are not expected to walk in our own power. God is the Almighty, and His power is for those who are humble and admit their need. He is our stronghold, the One we hold onto for strength, so the choice is ours, we can choose our own power which quickly depletes, or we can fall into the Almighty. God is with us−Hold On.

Today in the Workplace

Will you hold on to His strength?

Breaktime Bible Study: Will You Hold On?

     1. Read today’s Breaktime

     2. Review Scripture

 The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.  Psalm 46:7

    3.Answer these Questions:

What is this passage teaching about God?

Where is God’s strength?

What depletes you of energy?

Where do you go for everyday strength and courage?

What does God offer?

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