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Stress-Free Living

Consider the blameless, observe the upright; a future awaits those who seek peace.” Psalm 37:37 

There is so much encouragement for those who make it a practice to seek peace.  Those who know peace offer this presence to all they meet as peace is the answer to stress.  There is hope for the future when we view it through the eyes of peace.  

Jesus is our peace and when we seek Him, we find all He offers. There is a different future for those who are awakened and assured of the presence of His peace. The strength we receive along the way derives itself from who or what we are in quest of. When we walk along the way with Jesus, stress is diverted because of His presence.  

We can seek peace through many different avenues in life, trying to find the right plan or way to go. However, when the path begins with peace and we continually seek it along the way, our future is not stressful or discouraging. It is when we try to figure life out all on our own that the journey becomes stressful. Live in a stress-free environment by continually fixing your eyes on Jesus.  

Today in the Workplace: 

Who or what are you looking for? 

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