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The Awareness of Sin

Your arrows have pierced me, and your hand has come down on me.

Psalm 38:2

When sin is exposed it causes pain and at times, so much pain, that it feels like pressure coming down on us. Often the pain of sin may be confused with anxiety or discouragement but the arrow God gives here is an awareness of sin. His love for us reveals the depths of sin as David felt like God’s hand had come down on Him.

Many of us may try and deny the sin in our life, David did as well. Once our eyes are open, our role is to accept the sin as truth. Once God reveals our sin, it may feel like an arrow piercing our heart and sadness may overcome us. The good thing is when sin is brought to light it can be overcome. Sin revealed can set us free from the power of its consequences.

God loves us enough to show us our sin. We no longer have to run away from what God is teaching us because He will give us the strength to run with Him. Sin holds us back from walking closely with God but learning to accept God’s hand of punishment as an act of grace will make His easier to endure.

Today in the Workplace

Does God have His hand on You?

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