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The Deliverance

   The Deliverance

You are my King and my God, who decrees victories for Jacob.  Psalm 44:4

Jacob was a man who faced many trials and needed deliverance. David knew the trials of Jacob and took refuge in them, knowing Jacob is rescued. David also knew God as His King and his God over his hardships. It is often through the most difficult of trials when David knew God as King; God is the authority and protector over David’s kingdom.

Like David, we all need protection in our world of chaos from the troubles coming at work, home and play as they often blindside us. We, like David, have God as our King and can call out to Him for protection over us. The King is over His rule, and we know this is God’s Kingdom we are living in. This is His day, and we are invited into His protection; not our day and we ask Him into it.

Trials do come, and we, like David, have a King who lovingly walks with us. But for some of us, we would question God’s love and kindness through the suffering. We don’t always understand why bad things happen, but when they do, we know we have Him as King. His presence can overcome the question of why and give us hope and security. We know we can’t walk alone, and God may not deliver us out of the trial but deliver us in it.

Today in the Workplace

Do you know someone who could use some encouragement through their trial today?

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