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The Place for Sin

I am feeble and utterly crushed; I groan in anguish of heart.” Psalm 38:8   

There is now a new development in the way David is handling his pain, he begins to groan. The pain is so intense that it caused his heart to be in anguish. This could be the pain of greater intensity, the aching of guilt. The wounds of the heart have no way of escaping because they are kept within the confines of our mind and soul.  

How does the pain of the heart find a way out? For many, it is by denial of its existence or trying to numb the feelings of displeasure. But here David is not trying to numb or deny, but He is honest and brings it out. Coming to grips with pain is not for the faint of heart, but when we do, the Lord is there.   

God doesn’t leave us when we come to him, but when we seek Him He will be found. We need the assistance of the Lord to make it through the hard aches of life. Even when the anguish is brought on by our own doing, God is there. When the humble of the heart begin to mention their sin God is attentive and ready to forgive. Being sorry for our sin and ready to allow God the space to forgive us of our sin is different. David’s sin led him to the place of disgust. What do you do with your sin?  

Today in the Workplace: 

What happens to you when sin is left unattended. God can handle all.  

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