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The Way out of Shame

The Way out of Shame

I live in disgrace all day long, and my face is covered with shame Psalm 44:15 

Now the Psalmist openly admits where the core of the problem is and confesses his shame. He has found himself living in disgrace and unacceptance as one once honored but now dishonored.  He has accepted shame as a result of his trouble, and the one way out was to go through the powerful experience of his humiliation. There is a way out of shame.

Shame causes us to hide and become filled with embarrassment. The only way out is to allow God in the shame by admitting the wrong and accepting his grace. God doesn’t shame us; it is what the enemy uses to keep us absorbed in our wrong or perceived failure. The adversary enjoys it very much when our mind keeps rehearsing all the mistakes we commit.

If we keep repeating the offense in our mind, it will lead us to stay covered in shame and disgrace. Admitting and inviting God into this place will clean it up.  Humility accepts the offense we’ve committed and moves us into God’s grace and acceptance. It is time to look in a new direction besides shame for the answer and turn towards the grace of God. Our ego may refuse the need for forgiveness, but it is the way out. We can’t blame anyone, not even God, but we can bow and accept his way out if we are genuinely looking for a way out.

Today in the Workplace

Are you looking for a way out of shame?

Breaktime Bible Study: The Way out of Shame

     1. Read today’s Breaktime

     2.Review Scripture

I live in disgrace all day long, and my face is covered with shame Psalm 44:15 

     3.  Answer Questions

How is the Psalmist responding to his life?

What does shame look like?

Have you ever felt shame?  What did you do?

What is the answer to shame? 

What gets in the way of receiving God’s forgiveness?

Even thinking we aren’t worthy to receive could be our ego.  Refusing forgiveness until we feel worthy is about us. Forgiveness is what Jesus provides, not what we deserve.

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