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Why Good Friday?

My guilt has overwhelmed me like a burden too heavy to bear. Psalm 38:4  

Guilt is such a heavy burden to carry around which overwhelms us to the place of overtaking our rightful mind. It not only follows us around, but the weight of guilt can consume our entire heart, mind, soul and strength. Nothing will zap our spiritual energy more easily than guilt.  

When we try and bury or deny our sin, that is the place where guilt begins to fester. However, when we become awakened to sin is when we can encounter forgiveness. We no longer must carry the burden of guilt −we can experience forgiveness and freedom. Good Friday is so good because the burden of our guilt from sin was taken care of.  

There is a day in history which marks our freedom from the guilt we no longer must bear. Jesus paid it all for us with the cross of Calvary but far too often, we chose to carry our burden when Jesus already paid for it. We receive forgiveness by confessing our need and admitting Jesus is enough, He did pay it all. Just imagine all your sins being forgiven and experiencing freedom from all.  

Today in the Workplace 

Is there sin in your life you need to confess?  

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